Widget/API Access

List Tugg events on your theater’s website.

Make it easy for your fan base to not only locate live events, but also request screenings and reserve tickets.

Automatically synchronized with Tugg so all event updates are instantly be reflected on your website.

Both the Widget & API are fully customizable through your CSS.

The widget will appear as an embedded text box on your site. The API offers greater flexibility and allows you to list your Tugg events along with other non-Tugg screenings in one place.

Want to Add the API or Widget to Your Site?

  1. Fill out the and tell us more about your venue!
  2. Tugg’s Theater Rep will follow up within 7-10 business days with additional information.
    • If you’ve already onboarded your theater to Tugg.com, email your Theater Rep to set up your Widget or API.
  3. Tugg’s API documentation can be found here. Tugg’s Widget documentation can be found here.