Approvals Portal

This is your Event HQ – an online management tool designed specifically for theaters! The portal gives you pre-approval of all new event requests and access to your active Tugg events under one roof.

Note: The ideal theater response time is within 3 business days or less. The quicker the approval time, the more likely the event will succeed!

Visit the Approvals Guide for the expanded version of this walkthrough.


Use the Approvals Portal to:

  • Control event details
    • Theater rental rate – Set your flat rental fee before receiving the post 35% Threshold revenue
    • Auditorium assignment – Assign house number and seating capacity for event
    • Review special feature requests – Approve microphone, table & chairs, etc… requests for introductions, Q&As, and more
  • Access information about new, upcoming and past events in six categories:
    • To-do – New events awaiting your approval
    • Approved – Approved events not yet published
    • Rejected – Events that were not approved to take place at your theater
    • Active – Published events that are in pre-sell mode or selling tickets
    • Canceled – Events that didn’t meet the ticket Threshold and have been called off
    • Past – Events that have already taken place at your theater
  • Access contact info for Promoters of active events, so you can reach out and help them promote
  • Communicate with Tugg directly for all to coordinate all programming logistics
    • Comment – Comments will streamline communication between you and Tugg and keep a record for future reference
    • Email – Email will allow you to send event details via email to your theater manager, booker, or anyone else on your team

You will receive an automatic email notification on any morning when there are new updates to your dashboard, which includes new requests, event status changes like “confirmed” or “called off,” and any comments left by our team.

How to Access Your Theater Owner Dashboard:

  1. If you’re new to Tugg, fill out the and tell us more about your venue! Tugg’s Theater Rep will follow up within 7-10 business days with additional information.
  2. After you onboard your theater to, we will send you instructions for how to access the Approvals Portal.