How Tugg Works

Allow anyone to screen a film at your theater with Tugg’s groundbreaking crowdsourcing platform.

All costs of the event are covered by the pre-sale of tickets, so we can guarantee you get paid for every event at no financial risk to you.

We operate within the parameters you set through our Approvals Portal, so you can determine how much you’d like to make per screening, the deadline for an event to meet Threshold, and more!

Promoters Filmmakers

Step 1

Fans fill out the Event Request Form to pick the film, date, time, and place for their screening. Your theater will be listed in their zip code.

Step 2

As the theater, you approve the request via the Approvals Portal. The Promoter then begins selling tickets on their personalized Event Page.

Promoters Filmmakers

Step 3

Promoter sells enough tickets before the event deadline to confirm their screening. If they don’t meet this “Threshold,” no one will be charged and the event will be called off.

Step 4

Attendees arrive at the theater, are checked off, and enjoy the movie!