Theater Testimonials

“My experience with Tugg has been positive! Through Tugg, our patrons are able to bring films here that we wouldn’t normally be able to screen. The Roxy and Tugg have a great relationship and I would recommend them any day!” – Lindsey, Merril’s Roxy Cinemas in Burlington, VT

“The sponsors and attendees have loved it! THEIR PASSION IS CONTAGIOUS!” – Brewvies Cinema Pub in Salt Lake City, UT

“Customers regularly make suggestions of films they want to see (especially niche documentaries that Tugg often specializes in) and this allows them to feel heard and also share some of the responsibility for making it happen.” – Richard Beer, The Kiggins Theatre in Vancouver, WA

“Tugg offers great promotional/awareness opportunity for smaller, niche films.” – Chuck Foxen, Circle Cinema in Fort Worth, TX

“It’s simple and effective, and good Promoters can turn out an audience that we otherwise wouldn’t reach.” - Anonymous