Allow anyone to sponsor an event and provide free tickets to local communities.

Sponsors Benefit Through:

  • Brand recognition on the event page and tickets
  • Promotional video can play before or after the screening (subject to approval and fees)
  • Event promoter can be provided introductory and concluding remarks to read aloud about the Sponsor
  • The Sponsor will be highlighted in an email to attendees after the event


Sponsors can get the benefits of marketing themselves to audiences across the country.

Example: Red Bull sponsored tickets of this screening of The Art of Flight: 3D

Get Started:

  1. When you complete the Event Request Form, check the Sponsorship box to indicate that you have a Sponsor who will underwrite your event.
    • If you’ve already filled out the Event Request Form without indicating that you want a Sponsorship, contact your Promoter Point Person to set up a Sponsored Event Page.