Sell cause-based or film merchandise on your Event Page.

When audiences are purchasing their tickets, they can also buy a t-shirt, hat, poster, etc. and take some of the movie home with them. Purchases can be made up until 48 hours after the event, and users will only be charged if the Threshold is met.

Tugg handles financial transactions and sends you delivery information and funds for fulfillment. Note: There is a 10% processing fee on Merchandise.

Example: The Untapped Together Filmmakers sold DVDs and t-shirts on their Tugg Event Pages.

Get Started:

  1. Indicate on your Event Request Form that you would like to sell Merchandise on your Event Page.
    • If you’ve already filled out the Event Request Form without indicating that you want to sell Merchandise, contact your Promoter Point Person to set up Merchandise sales on your Event Page. We’ll need a few things from you…

Tugg Merchandise