Raise awareness and money for your cause with Tugg’s Contributions feature.

Utilize the Contributions feature and your attendees will be given the option of donating additional funds for a cause or organization when purchasing their ticket, up until 48 hours after the event. Funds will only be charged if the Threshold is met.

You can also choose to award attendees with perks based on each level of contribution. Note: There is a 10% processing fee on event Contributions.

Examples of Events with Contributions:

  • Used Perks to Indicate How Funds Would Be Distributed
    Honor Flight – D’Ibeville, MS – 1/24/13 –­ The Mississippi Gulf Coast Honor Flight raised $1,300 to help fly WWII veterans to Washington DC.
  • Used Perks to Reward Contributors
    Why We Ride – Mitchell, SD – 1/30/14 – Helping With Horsepower and Logan Luxury Theaters raised $3,250 for the Abbott House, a private charity that provides residential treatment services to girls between the ages of 7 and 18.
  • No Perks Associated with Contribution Levels
    No Evidence of Disease – Bethesda, MD – 11/5/13 – The Tikkun Olam Women’s Foundation raised $4,642 towards empowering girls and women to achieve greatness in the face of obstacles, such violence, poverty, and discrimination.


Gregorio Smith, Director of Truth Be Told:

It’s important to always have a fundraising option for your event page… even if you have no need to raise capital. This is for the people who cannot attend the event but want to show their support. It’s also for those people who do attend the show and want to contribute additional support.

Get Started:

  1. Indicate on your Event Request Form that you would like to use your event as a Fundraiser.
    • If you’ve already filled out the Event Request Form without selecting this option, contact your Promoter Point Person to set up Contributions on your Event Page.