Words from the Wise

These successful Promoters offered their advice on making events happen! In their own words…

Tugg-SocialShare“Promote not only to friends but to strangers.”

“Get the word out, both by social media as well as face-to-face.”

“Make sure you have people helping you.”

“Reach out to EVERYONE – even if you’re cold-emailing inboxes. You never know who you’ll connect with!”

“Don’t lose faith. If you see your numbers not increasing to meet Threshold, keep promoting!”

“Make it clear to people that it’s simple to reserve your ticket and you are not charged if the event doesn’t happen. ”

“Get out there! Even the companies  you think are too big and wouldn’t be interested are most likely willing to help you get the word out.”

“Establish a solid support group and push to surpass your goal before the actual deadline. Start the promotion with your community, your close group of peers, and family members. Know who has the greatest impact on delivering a clear message to others about the event. Local businesses will support your events, if they can market to the majority of your audience by exchanging fun things with your guests such as stickers, music, coupons, etc.”

“Promote, promote, promote.”