Connecticut EDM Q&A

Connecticut EDM was one of the first Promoters to host a screening of the 3D documentary about the Electric Daisy Carnival, Under the Electric Sky! Owner James Roellig Jr. shares why a hosting a Tugg screening created a unique experience for his fans.

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Q&A with Event Promoter James Roellig Jr.

What’s your relationship with the film and what made you want to promote a screening through Tugg?

under_the_electric_sky_ver5Electric Daisy Carnival is one of the biggest festivals in the United States. Everyone knows the name, everyone wants to go, however some people can’t. Being located in Connecticut, we wanted to be able to bring the experience of “EDC” to those that were not able to make it to the festival in Las Vegas or for that matter afford it. This movie was a great way for Connecticut EDM to bring the festival to our fans, locally.

What methods and practices did you find most beneficial when promoting your event?

We have an amazing infrastructure set up between our social networks and our website. Everything we have funnels to our mailing list, our most effective source of contacting and communicating our fans. We made frequent posts about the event on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and our website along with e-mail notifications. The key to marketing ANY event is fan interactions. You need to be able to provide open-ended posts and not just “promoting” an event. You have to build the interactions and get the fans involved, after all they are the reason we do what we do in the first place!

What do you understand better now, as opposed to when you started using Tugg? How would you have used the platform more effectively?

10329751_816692305008434_2366797790516293092_oI think the Tugg platform worked well for us as our fans are used to going online to purchase tickets in advance for most of our events already. We really had to remind everyone that this was an “exclusive” event and that you would not be able to purchase tickets to the event at the “door.” I think given the amount of tickets sold for our event in a secondary market the platform performed well.

What advice do you have for a first-time Promoter?

There is a HUGE difference between “promoting” an event and “marketing” an event. Connecticut EDM is a marketing firm, NOT a promotions company. Anyone can “promote” an event, but it takes a special someone, company, or group to “market” an event. Marketing is about building brand recognition while and bringing something special to a specific target demographic. Our team looks at every event out of the box to see if it’s something that would work in our demographic area. The most important thing is to make a plan and stick with it. Schedule your posts and content all the way leading up to the event so you can get the most coverage without over saturating the market. No one likes spam, so make sure your posts are engaging – not just “look what we’re doing.” Ask your fan base, see what they think. After all, that’s the most important aspect.

What would you tell someone who was hesitant to host their own Tugg event or screening?

10357676_816706541673677_1139018190256524822_oIf you don’t think you can pull off a large event, don’t. If you think you can, do it! Don’t hesitate, go out there and take every advantage you can and make a name for yourself. The infrastructure is there, all you have to do is get the word out. The rest of the work is already done for you, it’s easy. BUT you have to commit and go in with an all or nothing attitude.

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