Meet Your Promoter Point Person

Guides. Sherpas. Gurus. These friendly folks will coordinate your screening details, work with the theater, and advise you toward that illustrious “Sold Out” banner.


Promoter Region: USA
Hometown: Dallas, TX
Favorite part about working at Tugg?
Working with wonderfully creative people and eating unlimited popcorn.
Top 3 favorite movies?
Best in Show, Call Me By Your Name, Boyhood
What Austin spot(s) do you frequent most often? Komé, Barton Springs and The White Horse for two stepping
Favorite music to listen to while working? Angel Olsen, Townes Van Zandt and Paul Simon
Favorite scene from a movie?

What’s something no one at Tugg knows about you?
I’m a great water skier
Favorite thing to come out of the ’90s? Scrunchies and Clarissa Explains It All
What items are in your fridge at all times? Hummus and topo chico
Favorite hobby? Ceramics, hiking, thinking about cats
What’s a film you wish you’d had a chance to see on the big screen? Princess Mononoke