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Promoter Walkthrough

Make your event a success! Follow these step-by-step instructions.

If you have any questions, please contact the Tugg Team at support@tugginc.com.

Here’s How it Works:


Stage 1 – Submit Your Request (10 minutes)

Tugg-PostersGet started – it’s easy!

  1. Create a Tugg account by clicking
    “Register” at the top right of tugg.com.
    If you have one, keep reading.
  2. Choose a film from the Tugg Library.
  3. Click the “Host a Screening”
    button for the film you want to screen.


  4. Fill out the Event Request Form.

Stage 2 – Confirm Details (2-3 weeks)

Tugg-ExhibitorNetwork-USMapTheatersYou’ve submitted your Event Request… Now what?

  • Confirming Details (4-5 business days): Your Promoter Point Person will contact you and finalize the event details.
  • Theater Approval (1-2 weeks): We check to make sure the theater is OK with your preferred date.
    Note: If your date is rejected, we will propose another viable option.

Stage 3 – Promoting Your Event to Meet Threshold (3-4 weeks)

Tugg-SocialShareConfirm your event by selling enough tickets (usually 75-100 at $10-13 each) to meet Threshold. The Promoter Game Plan will guide you toward a sold out event!

  • Once your event is approved by the theater, your Promoter Point Person will create the Event Page where you’ll sell tickets.
    Example Link: tugg.com/events/the-champions-qx-b
  • You’ll have until the Event Deadline – generally about one week prior to your event – to meet your Threshold.
  • Use the Promoter Messaging feature to thank and encourage your attendees to share your Event Page link.
  • When your event meets Threshold, continue to promote and sell tickets until you reach that illustrious “Sold Out” banner on your Event Page!
    For a full walkthrough, check out our Preparing For Your Event Guide.

Helpful Resources:

Stage 4 – Screening Day

Tugg-CrowdCongratulations, today is the big day! We’re so excited – hopefully you are too!

Tickets can be purchased up until the start time of the event. Once the box office closes, no further tickets can be sold.

  1. Please arrive at the theater
    an hour before your event start time.
  2. Welcome your attendees and take tickets (if applicable).
  3. Introduce the film and thank your audience with our Sample Event Introduction.
  4. Don’t forget to take photos!
  5. Enjoy the show!


Questions? Check in with your Promoter Point Person or email support@tugginc.com.

After the Screening

  1. Send our Follow Up Message Template to your attendees using the Promoter Messaging tool!
  2. Tell us about the event!
  3. Get paid!
  4. Visit our library and choose your next film to screen!