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Promoter Overview – Daniel

We’re thrilled to help you host a screening through Tugg.com. We’ve created this resource kit to guide you through the process of hosting your screening. Follow the step-by-step instructions below to make your event a success!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Tugg team at support@tugginc.com.

What is Tugg?

Tugg.com is a web-platform that helps individuals, groups and organizations set up personalized movie screenings in theaters across the country.

The Process is Simple

As the “Promoter,” you pick the time, place and date, and Tugg will reserve the theater and give you a personalized Event Page where you must pre-sell tickets to your screening in advance.

It’s up to you to spread the word to your community and let folks know the event will only take place if enough tickets – the “Threshold” – are reserved before a deadline.

Once enough tickets are sold, your event will be confirmed and people can continue to buy tickets until the theater sells out.

If you do not meet the Threshold, no one will be charged for the reservation and the screening will be called off.

Stage 1 – Submit Your Request (4-5 business days)

Tugg-PostersIf you haven’t already, begin by creating a user account on Tugg.com  here.

Once you’re logged into your account, choose any film from the Tugg library and click the “Create Event” button to begin. You’ll then fill out the Event Request Form with the details for your event including venue, date and time, as well as special additions such as Contributions, Q&A’s, Introductions, Merchandise, Sponsorship, and more.

We recommend choosing an event date 5-7 weeks from today’s date to ensure you have ample time for each of the below stages.

For a more detailed walkthrough of filling out your event request, visit the Getting Started: Setting Up Your Event Guide [link].

Stage 2 – Theater Approval (1-2 weeks)

Tugg-ExhibitorNetwork-USMapTheatersYour Tugg Point Person will connect with you via e-mail within 4-5 business days to finalize the event details based on theater and film formatting availabilities. Once you and your Tugg Point agree on the ideal details for your event, your request will be sent to the theater for approval.

If the theater rejects your event date, your Tugg Point Person will work with you to find an alternate date for your event.

As theaters can be very busy, this stage can take up to 1-2 weeks to complete.

Stage 3 – Promoting Your Event to Meet Threshold (3-4 weeks, on average)

Tugg-SocialShareOnce your event is approved by the theater, your Tugg Point Person will create your Event Page. Here’s an example: www.tugg.com/events/4236

There will be a Threshold set for the event – a certain amount of tickets that need to be sold for the event to be confirmed. The Threshold can vary depending on film, location, time, and date. We won’t know the exact number until we have confirmation from the theater, but it can be expected to be anywhere from 50-90+. Tickets must be reserved in advance online through the Tugg Event Page.

You’ll have until the Event Deadline – generally about one week prior to your event – to meet your Threshold. If that Threshold is not met, the event is called off and anyone who purchased tickets will be refunded automatically. If the event does meet Threshold, the event will be confirmed and you, as the Promoter, will receive 5% of the ticket sales!


When your event meets Threshold, continue to promote and sell tickets until you reach that illustrious “Sold Out” banner on your Event Page.

Promoter Guides

Don’t worry, we’ve created a whole guide to help you promote your event successfully: Promoting Your Event Guide [link].

Looking for something specific? Here are various templates and documents we’ve created to help you in your promotional efforts: [all docs should be linked to their pdf versions]

  1. Outreach Template – Friends and Family – Share this e-mail with friends and family; they’re going to be your biggest supporters so it’s good to reach out to them first!
  2. Outreach Template – Community Organizations – Contact local arts organizations, non-profits, and all other related organizations with this template and encourage them to help help spread the word about your screening.
  3. Social Media Outreach Guide – Sample Facebook and Twitter posts for you to use when sharing your event via social media.
  4. Creating Your Facebook Event Guide – A step by step guide for setting up a Facebook event for your Tugg screening.
  5. Sample Press Release – Contact the editors of local blogs and newspapers using this template; your one time, crowd funded screening is a great story for them!
  6. Tugg Tools – We’ve created a number of features to help you maximize your outreach efforts. Read this document to learn how to message your attendees and track the success of your outreach.

Stage 4 – Screening Day

Congratulations, today is the big day! We’re so excited – hopefully you are too!

Tickets can be purchased up to four hours before your event start time. Once the box office closes, no further tickets can be sold.

Be sure to get to the theater an hour before your event start time. Depending on the venue you choose, you may be responsible for taking tickets and directing guests to the auditorium. If that’s the case, we will provide you with an attendee list four hours before your event so that you can easily find names and check people off.

For a full walkthrough of how to prepare for your event, check out our Preparing For Your Event Guide [link].

Questions? Check in with your Tugg Point Person or e-mail support@tugginc.com and we’ll be happy to help.

Enjoy the show!



Once your event is complete, be sure to follow up with your attendees by sending them a message with our Follow Up Message Template [link] using the Promoter Messaging tool [link]! Encourage them to tell their friends about your event and the film.

We would love to hear about your Tugg event! Post a recap of your screening on the film’s Facebook and Twitter pages – be sure to tag the film’s social media handles and mention us with @TuggInc/#TuggInc!

And now that you’ve completed the process, visit our library and choose your next film to screen!