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Here at Tugg, we’ve found that having a PMD and/or Outreach Coordinator is a crucial component to your campaign’s success. Please find a list of our favorite PMD & Outreach Coordinator candidates below! If you have any questions, shoot us an e-mail at and we’ll be happy to help!

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Name Areas of Focus Description
Jon Reiss and Hybrid Cinema

Any and all Hybrid Cinema was founded by filmmaker Jon Reiss in 2010 upon the publication of his book Think Outside the Box Office to help filmmakers, film organizations and companies navigate the ever changing world of film distribution and marketing. Since then Reiss has advised hundreds of films throughout the world.

Hybrid Cinema’s primary mission is to help filmmakers navigate the often confusing new landscape of distribution and marketing utilizing modern strategies of audience engagement. While optimizing a path for each project to align with the filmmakers’ goals, we also make sure that these solutions best help these artists achieve their long-term career objectives.
Mia Bruno

Overall VOD and theatrical strategy, horror, women’s rights, social activism Mia Bruno combines an intricate knowledge of film distribution with a unique skill for innovative and effective marketing strategies. Beginning her career at the onset of digital distribution, Mia served as the Director of Acquisitions at Gravitas Ventures, and then the Head of Distribution at crowdfunding platform, Seed&Spark. She currently works as a distribution consultant, advising filmmakers on how to navigate a changing marketplace, how to shape existing opportunities to fit specific goals, and how to craft effective and creative campaigns to connect with audiences. In a time when the distribution landscape is rapidly evolving; Mia provides transparency, education, and analysis on what is working so that filmmakers are equipped to make the best decisions for their films. With a background in film theory from Columbia University, and a career in the dynamic field of creative distribution, she inhabits the intersection of an abiding love of film with an expansive view of the ways it can reach audiences.
Jo Jensen, Causeumentary

Veterans, Social Activism, Poverty, Education Reform, Women Empowerment, STEM, Technology, etc. Causeumentary is a company that partners with filmmakers to spread the mission of their film to a wider audience. We work with documentaries that are changing people’s hearts and minds. We specialize in leveraging the crowd-source tools that Tugg provides to amplify your film and create a measurable impact with calls to action. At Causeumentary, we build relationships with potential screening hosts and partners to make sure that they have a great experience hosting a screening of your film. It’s not enough for people to see your film, we turn your audience into ambassadors of the film, activating them to spread the word on social media and share their positive experience with their sphere of influence.
Jessica Wolfson

Environmental, Social Activism, Faith Based, Women’s Rights As a film distribution marketing strategist, Jessica Wolfson has overseen the release of independent films in theatrical and non-theatrical venues, on television and digitally. Through promotional partnerships, national initiatives, community impact screenings and digital marketing, she works to create innovative and strategic marketing plans for all releases. Jessica works with independent filmmakers and distributors.
Clients include Whole Foods, Zipporah Films, Kino Lorber, Argot Pictures, Tribeca Films, B-Side Entertainment.
Jenny McQuaile, Creative Measure Films

Women’s Issues, Bodies/Health, Social Activism, Masculinity/Male Self Image, Travel/International Stories You’ve made a film or TV series and now what? Now you have a tool to use in the world to create real and lasting change. Whether it’s opening hearts and minds, fighting for new legislation or trying to combat a devastating injustice – film is a very powerful tool. Work with us to strategize a fun, innovative and impactful way to harness that power.
Third Stage Consulting

Interpersonal Violence, Homelessness, Disabilities, Literary, Education, Poverty Third Stage Consulting is a programmatic strategy firm dedicated to TRANSFORMING the power of independent documentary into long-term, sustainable legacy projects. Working with filmmakers, funders, advocates and activists, Third Stage moves a film project past production and outreach campaigns into the “third stage” of long-term IMPACT.
Sarah Newman

Food/Agriculture, Water, Environment, Israel, Conflict-Resolution, Gun Violence, Prisons/Mass Incarceration, Labor/Workers Rights Inspiring audiences to watch and act. I provide strategic research, development and implementation of social impact campaigns for films. Titles include Blackfish, Food, Inc., The Cove, Living for 32, The Butler, Mandela.
Film Ignite

Social Activism, Women’s Rights, Environmental Issues, Narrative Films Film Ignite helps filmmakers launch their films. For some, that means being a sounding board and troubleshooting the distribution strategy. For others, it’s creating a game plan from start to finish. Designing websites. Making a distribution budget. It might be adding manpower to an exhausted producing team during distribution—doing the legwork of festival applications, booking screenings, arranging tours, managing socials, submitting to distributors. Each film is its own unique snowflake of a project. Our services are tailored to fit your film’s needs.
Amy Slotnick, Slingshot Films

Documentary and narrative films, on any topic Slingshot Films works with distributors, filmmakers and agencies to engage a targeted audience for a film’s theatrical, VOD, DVD and international releases.We proactively build a film’s audience, create expansive screening programs and facilitate licensing deals on all platforms.
Section II

LBTQ (Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning) Content — Features, Shorts, and Series; Women in Film; Directed by Women Section II is a streaming channel for LBTQ features, shorts, and series. We acquire, create, and distribute titles across genres, formats, and platforms. We prefer to come aboard projects as Producers of Marketing and Distribution so that we may work in tandem with the filmmaker on audience building campaigns and consult on festival strategies and sales. Occasionally we also handle all-rights distribution of projects when we feel that we have a unique value proposition for reaching markets outside the traditional distribution landscape.
Laura Frances Aguirre

Female empowerment, sports-based, inspirational stories, women in sports, youth organizations As outreach coordinator for Touch The Wall, my goal was to get members and clubs of USA Swimming, YMCA and similar organizations to set up screenings of our documentary. To date, more than 50,000 people (mostly young boys and girls) have watched Touch The Wall in a movie theater; we’ve had over 350 screenings across the U.S. and more.
Kimberly Bautista

Social Activism, Women’s Rights, Technology, Media Literacy, Latin America, Communities of Color, Violence Prevention, LGBTQI, Sexual Assault Survivors, Empowerment ARTEVISTA FILMS is dedicated to producing digital content and strategizing comprehensive campaigns that promote social change through compelling, character-driven stories. Our tailored outreach plans spark transnational activism, critical dialogue, extensive curricula, and local community-building.
Heidi Van Heel, hvh Engage!

I have worked on a variety of documentaries and series covering a wide range of topics such as depression, Alzheimer’s disease, Black History and aging populations. Heidi Van Heel, principal of hvh Engage!, is a writer and producer based in Minneapolis. After nearly 14 years working in public television, she founded hvh Engage! to provide a deeper level of specialized attention to businesses looking to more effectively engage their clientele. ​
Picture Motion

Human Rights, Healthcare, Poverty, Education, Race, Religion, Politics, Environment, Women’s Rights, Military, LGBTQ, Homelessness, Disability, Food Picture Motion is the leading marketing and advocacy firm for issue driven films. We work with filmmakers and change makers to amplify awareness, expose injustice, and drive activism, with the goal of advancing social change. With offices in Los Angeles, New York and Washington D.C., we provide unmatched experience, services and influence. This powerful combination allows us to seamlessly handle all aspects of a social action campaign, from strategy & planning to project management and activation. Depending on the type of impact our partner is committed to, tactics can include partnership development, grassroots screening tours, digital engagement, policy & government relations, and impact measurement. Films can change the world. We make sure they do.
Kanani Fong

Military, governmental, veteran, and military family outreach Kanani’s vast network helps her pinpoint the right organizations and groups to help move a project forward and gain the largest possible audience. Past projects include Taming the Fire Within by Anne Freund, Restrepo (nominated for an Academy Award), with Tim Hetherington, Korengal, and HBO’s The Last Patrol with Sebastian Junger, and High Ground with Don Hahn and Michael Brown. She coordinates with producers, directors, theatrical bookers, film festivals, and publicists (both national and regional), veterans organizations, governmental agencies, and the military.
Together Films

Together Films is a Marketing and Distribution consultancy supporting filmmakers reach new audiences to create strategic change.
For Impact Productions, LLC

Social Activism, Healthcare, Women’s Rights, etc. For Impact Productions is a strategic marketing and production firm specializing in outreach and engagement campaigns and issue-driven film producing. Our clients span Fortune 500 brands, independent artists and films, nonprofit organizations, and social issue initiatives. We bring significant expertise in content development, distribution strategy, public/private partnerships, public policy advancements, and campaign leadership to social, commercial, and policy change initiatives.
Dot Connector Studio

Gender/Sexuality, Futurism Dot Connector Studio is a cross-platform production and strategy firm based in Philadelphia, with independent associates across the U.S. Jessica Clark, an internationally published journalist, researcher, and media futurist, founded Dot Connector Studio in November 2013. Dot Connector Studio collaborates with journalists, producers, and funders to research and develop social impact media projects. Our team will help you build powerful and unexpected connections between users, platforms, disciplines, and influencers.

Human Rights, Democracy, Social Inequality, Public policy, Governance, Conservation, Crime and Justice, International Law, Interfaith Dialogue, Peace & Conflict Violet Films is a production company & ethical consultancy specialising in bespoke impact & outreach campaigns for film to maximise their potential for social change. With extensive experience in documentary film and social justice initiatives, Violet is perfectly positioned to navigate effectively between both spheres. Inspired by filmmakers and driven by the potent impact of their work to achieve change in even the most intractable of situations, Violet seeks to amplify their messages.
Lina Srivastava Consulting

Human Rights, International Development
Christina Lindstrom

Christina has thirteen years experience in media and social impact. She’s a strategic thinker that understands how to translate ‘big picture’ ideas into feasible logistics, actionable insights or audience-specific communications. Practiced with data analysis—digital analytics, financial metrics, social impact measurement and trained by the Social Return On Investment Network. She is a highly relational team player who is savvy with traditional and new media and passionate about making a difference and working with strong, thoughtful teams and organizations.
Alex Kelly

Environment, Climate Change, Social Justice, Aboriginal Rights, Anti-Nuclear, Indigenous Languages, Migration, Borders, Immigration Films, arts, media and communications strategy.
Production For Use

Documentary, Social Issue, LGBT, Women in Film, Women’s Health, Music Your one-stop consultation shop for independent productions, Production For Use has helped raise over $700K for filmmakers via crowdfunding. Production For Use offers advice & consultation for a variety of grassroots marketing and audience building campaigns for filmmakers, including Social Media Launches, Crowdfunding, Festival Premieres, Theatrical Releases, Semi-Theatrical & Community Screening Tours, VOD Release and Broadcast.
Bill Cunningham

Horror and Science Fiction I devise marketing strategies and campaigns for clients including social media outreach, marketing focus, development of marketing materials such as key art, websites, developing potential buyers/distributors, script consulting.
Lisa Smithline | Cultural Front Productions

Music, social issues, faith-based, politics, nonviolence, environment/environmental justice, economic justice, racial justice, labor rights Cultural Front Productions is a unique marketing and communications shop that uses the power of storytelling, entertainment and new media to transform lives and inspire social change. We create dynamic marketing and social engagement campaigns strategically tailored to the needs of your film, book or organization. Creativity coupled with the right strategy and communication can change the way people think and act-we’ve seen it happen and we’ve made it happen.
Azure Media

STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics), science literacy/science denialism, natural history/conservation, the environment, global health/public health, children’s literacy, social equality, entrepreneurship Azure Media designs and produces high profile transmedia projects ON AIR, ONLINE, and ON THE GO that fuel social impact IN COMMUNITIES, IN SCHOOLS, and IN CAPITOLS. Specialties:

TRANSMEDIA PROJECT DEVELOPMENT for film/media projects (research and strategy; editorial development and alliances across media platforms– film, TV, radio, web, mobile, magazines, books, videogames, toys, CDs, and DVDs; and branding, messaging, and integrated marketing)

SOCIAL ACTION AND IMPACT CAMPAIGN DESIGN for measurable social change initiatives (polling; audience and issue ID; media, government, NGO, and corporate partnerships; public education campaigns; educational and community outreach; policy and public affairs; audience engagement; calls-to-action; and evaluation)

These TransImpact™ campaigns move public and influencer audiences from AWARENESS to UNDERSTANDING to ENGAGEMENT to ACTION around a media project and its associated issue, seeding measurable behavioral, social, and institutional change.

Michelle Zei

Social Activism, Foreign Affairs, Women’s Rights, Youth Empowerment, Racial Justice, Music I offer an array of services to support you and your project and ensure that it connects with audiences in powerful ways. After the heavy lifting of producing a project, it’s easy lose steam at the distribution phase, but I’m here to listen to what you want to accomplish through your distribution and develop a strategy that meets your needs. I concentrate mostly on films and specialize in working on media projects with potential for social impact and engagement, stories that entertain, educate, and inspire action.

Environmental, social issues, spiritual and faith-based, women’s rights, human rights We help our clients reach their core audience through strategic campaigns that include film festival strategy, community engagement, online and social media marketing, and strategic partnerships.

We offer a variety of options for working together, short or long term. Possibilities include phone consultations, festival launches, and year-long collaborations. We also offer workshops at film schools, festivals, and other venues.

Elizabeth Benjamin

Social Activism, Women’s Rights, Environmental Issues, Documentary and Narrative Films, Music and Art subject films Elizabeth is a communications specialist and strategist for Impact, Marketing and Distribution work, supporting filmmakers reach new audiences to create strategic change. She is part of The ‘Impact Producers Group’, and co-founded Togetherfilms in 2014. Past projects include CITIZENFOUR, The Hunting Ground, Ice and the Sky, The Possibilities are Endless, Project Wild Thing.
Film & Campaign Ltd. – Ben Kempas

Politics, Environment, Human Rights, Health, Innovative Distribution, Human Interest, Food We consult, develop and/or deliver campaigns around documentaries. We focus on community-building strategies and getting you organised. We specialise in adapting NationBuilder campaigning software for filmmakers.
Olive Juice Films

Indie Films, Web Series, Women in Film, LGBT content Although initially a full-service production house in Brooklyn, our creative team most often focuses on the business side of indie projects, working with content creators from the earliest stages of development to create assets and build an audience that will lay the groundwork for monetization throughout the production and distribution cycles.
Inflatable Film

Social Impact, Human Rights, Environment, Travel, Social Justice, Holocaust Education, Women’s Rights, Hawaiian Culture, Education, Jewish Studies Inflatable Film is a soup-to-nuts production company with a commitment to social impact. We produce our own content and also provide services for filmmakers including: creative consultation, budgeting, production & post, graphics & animation, festival strategy, impact strategy, marketing and distribution consulting. Inflatable Film is based in Maui, Seattle and Sun Valley (Idaho).
Full Spectrum Features

ALAANA (African, Latinx, Asian, Arab, Native American) films, women in film, LGBTQ FULL SPECTRUM FEATURES NFP is a Chicago-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to increasing diversity in the independent film industry by producing, exhibiting, and supporting the work of women, LGBTQ, and minority filmmakers. We also aim to educate the public about important social and cultural issues, utilizing the power of cinema to foster understanding in our communities.