Ways to Use Tugg Theatrical

The sky’s the limit with Tugg! Here are some ideas to make your release special:

One-Off Film Screenings

  • Your fans bring your film to their local theaters
    • Tip: Your friends, family, cast, crew, and financial backers make great Promoters!
  • Use our Filmmaker Resources to best mobilize and communicate with your Promoters
  • Sell merchandise, fundraise, and get sponsors for your screenings

Filmmaker Tour


  • Roadshow your film in multiple cities with a coordinated campaign
  • Consider introducing and holding Q&As at select showtimes
    • Example: Scrappy Cat Productions brought their film, Angel’s Perch, to over 15 cities

Advance Screenings

  • Use Tugg to release your film at audience-demanded events before your theatrical opening



  • Fundraise for your causes by donating some or all of your profits from your Tugg campaign
    • Example: The Blood Brother filmmakers donated all their profits to the children seen in their film and to HIV/AIDS initiatives

Supplement Traditional Theatrical Release

  • Even if you are already booking your film in a few cities, encourage your fans to bring your film to their town with Tugg
    • Example: In addition to booking the film in five cities, the Free Angela filmmakers told fans across the country to host their own screenings

Ticketing for Non-Tugg Events

  • If you’ve already booked a venue for your film screening, you can use Tugg to track RSVPs, sell tickets, and utilize our website features
  • Tugg retains 15% revenue from ticket sales