Tugg Theatrical

Allow anyone to screen your film in a movie theater with Tugg’s groundbreaking crowdsourcing platform.


All costs of the event are covered by the pre-sale of tickets, so we can guarantee you get paid for every event at no financial risk to you.

We currently service over 1500 films in over 85% of the screens across the US.

Interested in learning more details about the Tugg Theatrical service? Check out the menu to your left for more information on how it works, the financial breakdown, and more!

Services & Features:

  • Access to Tugg’s exhibitor network for weekday theatrical events
  • Ticketing and RSVP technology for attendees
  • Logistics management, order fulfillment, and quality checks for every event
  • Financial reporting and fulfillment
  • Customer service and event support for all engagements
  • Opportunity for eventized screenings with special features like in-theater introductions, discussions, Q&As, raffles, etc.
  • Access to all Website Features

Ready to Get Started?

  1. Start by filling out the and tell us a little bit about your movie! A member of the Tugg Content Team will follow up within 7-10 business days.
  2. After touching base with Tugg, email us the required documents.
  3. We will require a DCP to move forward, although it is preferable to have 2-4 Blu-rays available as well. Tugg cannot begin programming screenings without the media in house. Once you’re ready, we will provide shipping instructions.


Have more questions about Tugg Theatrical? Email films@tugginc.com for more information or visit our Theatrical FAQ.