Filmmaker Testimonials

Tugg Theatrical

Honor Flight Poster Portrait-DanHayes“Tugg is the future. The film distribution landscape is changing and Tugg is at the forefront of technology in this field. In five to ten years, Tugg’s innovative model will be how films are distributed. Empowering individuals to bring films that they want to see into their communities will be the norm. And all of us at Freethink Media are very excited to be part of it.” – Dan Hayes, Director of Honor Flight

Portrait-TimoVuorensola“Working with Tugg upon releasing our film Iron Sky was a delightful and very positive experience, and a great way to introduce the film to otherwise almost impossible-to-crack US theatrical distribution. The system itself is a clearly designed and very film-appraising, and the service was taken in well by our fans, having organized almost a hundred screenings of the film across the US. As a filmmaker, we are hoping to see the Tugg story continuing and spreading wider across the world, for the future of cinema will walk hand-in-hand with on-demand cinema.” – Timo Vuorensola, Director of Iron Sky

Portrait-LindaGoldsteinKnowlton“Tugg is an amazing gift to both filmmakers and viewers because it creates the opportunity for motivated audiences – no matter where they are – to be able to see films as they were meant to be experienced: on the big screen in a communal setting. As a smaller film, our limited distribution was wonderfully augmented by Tugg’s ability to bring the film to mainstream theaters in cities and towns that were out of our reach. I also love Tugg for empowering audiences: by giving them the ability to bring films they truly want to see to their local theater. The excited emails and Facebook posts and messages I received before and after each Tugg screening showed me just how powerful these screenings were – for audiences, the organizer, and the community. Without Tugg, we never would have been able to reach thousands of people in smaller markets – like Naperville, IL or Vestuvia Hills, AL. Because it dovetails perfectly with standard, and new distribution models, I know I will be using Tugg again in the future.” – Linda Goldstein Knowlton, Director of Somewhere Between

Tugg Non-Theatrical

BloodBrother_PosterPortrait-DannyYourd“Tugg is an incredible asset to the film and our efforts. They streamline the process of engaging and enabling non-theatrical customers to host a screening of a film. This takes a lot of pressure off our backs and allows for countless screenings to happen all over the country. A lot of times I feel non-theatrical engagements are something that are overlooked. This is a great way to share a film with people who may not otherwise be able to see it as well as use it to educate and inspire people in groups that the film can relate to.” – Danny Yourd, Producer of Blood Brother, 2013 Sundance Grand Jury Prize Documentary and Audience Choice Winner

Portrait-HopeWorldwide“As a non-profit serving the world’s most poor and needy, we have our work cut out for us. Having professionals like Tugg who can handle all of the logistics for our film has made our campaign possible. Without them, we wouldn’t have had the skill or overhead to be able to do something like this. Tugg has been very accommodating in allowing us to communicate and facilitate our church partners. They have quickly accommodated the specific and unique needs presented by faith-based organizations which has allowed us to seamlessly and confidently engage our church members in our campaign.” – Jonathan Hoggard, HOPE worldwide (organization hosting 30+ screenings of Blood Brother)

Escape-Fire-PosterPortrait-Freethink“Tugg is especially attractive to filmmakers who have an audience they want to activate but don’t know how – we had so many people wanting to host screenings and we didn’t plan for that, we just had no idea, and so Tugg was the solution to all of our screening needs.” – Jo Jensen, Honor Flight

Portrait-RebeccaStern“We partnered with a nationwide network who was interested in hosting screenings of Escape Fire for their health centers across the country. We handed the opportunity over to Tugg and ended up with 62 non-theatrical screenings and 19 Tugg screenings! Tugg allowed folks to seamlessly transition from theatrical to non-theatrical and vice versa. We ended up with 81 total screenings, and a new organizational partner!” – Rebecca Stern, Escape Fire