Why Tugg?

With Tugg, fans create community-driven events with your film across the nation.

Tugg enables you, the filmmaker, to turn social interest into action by empowering your supporters.

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Ready to Get Started?

  1. Fill out the and tell us a little bit about your movie!
  2. A member of the Tugg Content Team will follow up within 7-10 business days.

The Tugg Advantage:

  • Theatrical, Non-Theatrical, and Educational under one roof
    • We handle the operations, logistics, and customer service for your screenings.
  • Make money
    • In addition to setting a minimum flat fee, receive 35% of Post-Threshold revenue for Tugg Theatrical Screenings. For every Non-Theatrical and Educational license sold, receive a 65% margin.
  • It’s financially risk free
    • Theater rental, ticketing, print, and shipping costs are completely paid for by event pre-sales.
  • Your network becomes your champion!
    • Your fans lead the promotion of screenings through peer-to-peer engagement in their communities, which eliminates local marketing costs.
  • Engage and impact audiences
    • Every Tugg event can be customized with special in-theater introductions, discussions, Q&As, raffles, calls-to-action, and more.
  • Connect with fans directly
    • You can access event information in real time, and connect directly with your true fans.
  • Build your community
    • Attendee contact information can be applied toward the film’s marketing and future campaigns.
  • Fundraise for a cause or for your film
    • Tugg events can be used as fundraisers to support a cause or organization that’s affiliated with your film.
  • Sell merchandise
    • Ancillary products can be sold on a direct-to-consumer basis through sales on Event Pages.